Joint Conference on Food Systems

Representatives of FOOdIVERSE project took part in the “Joint Conference on Food Systems” that was held at the Philipps-University of Marburg on 4th of October 2023. The event was an occasion to exchange knowledge, experience and research results between three teams conducting projects under the SUSFOOD2 and CORE Organic Cofund. In addition to the members of our consortium, representatives of the FOODLEVERS and SysOrg projects attended the conference.

All of the teams presented their projects and their most important findings. Then we organised the working groups to discuss them in detail. We found out that there are many common challenges in our research projects. For example, we had similar problems with research sampling in quantitative research.

“Joint Conference on Food Systems” proved that we can maximise the impact of transnational research projects thanks to exchange between them. This event should be considered a good practice and replicated in future research project calls.

The project was co-financed by the NCBR, BMEL, MIPAAF, RCN and DEFRA within the framework of ERA-NET SUSFOOD and ERA-NET CORE Organic Cofund Joint Call program