“Dugnad” at Hadeland CSA

Wednesday May 24, 2023, researchers from SIFO participated at a “dugnad” at Hadeland CSA. Dugnad is a common Norwegian term for voluntary community work, often done on regular occasions during the seasons like spring dugnad and autumn dugnad. Dugnad is for many considered an important part of Norwegian culture. In this dugnad we participated in planting leek and cabbage, and covering areas of the field with hay to prevent unwanted weeds from growing.

When the dugnad finished we went into the “stabbur”. The stabbur was the traditional food storehouse on old Norwegian farms, but is now often used in other ways. Mattia Andreola gave a presentation about the Italian CSA Nutrire Trento. Mattia is a PhD student at the University of Trento and currently a guest researcher at SIFO in Oslo. After the presentation Gunnar Vittersø, senior researcher at SIFO, led a discussion about a member survey we will conduct in the Hadeland CSA. This survey will serve two purposes: 1) to collect useful information for further development of the CSA, and 2) to collect data for a comparative case study of CSA’s in Hadeland and Trento.

The project was co-financed by the NCBR, BMEL, MIPAAF, RCN and DEFRA within the framework of ERA-NET SUSFOOD and ERA-NET CORE Organic Cofund Joint Call program