Practicing sustainable eating – new paper in Agriculture and Human Values

In the framework of Foodiverse, the Italian team focused its attention, among other subjects, on a local initiative that took the form of a CSA and that inspired part of the research that was recently published in Agriculture and Human Values.

The paper by Giovannini, Forno and Magnani addresses two main questions: what motivates individuals to become part of Civic Food Networks and how does this influence the variety of food entering their households? And how does participation in a Civic Food Network impact people’s daily food practices, with a particular focus on diet diversification? 

The findings reveal that altering dietary habits poses various challenges both at the individual and institutional levels. This process involves the stabilization of ingrained habits, adjustments to daily routines, and the reinforcement of shared norms. Furthermore, it underscores the critical role of food policies in promoting sustainable eating practices.

The article can be accessed here:

The project was co-financed by the NCBR, BMEL, MIPAAF, RCN and DEFRA within the framework of ERA-NET SUSFOOD and ERA-NET CORE Organic Cofund Joint Call program